China Hutch - Before & After using Country Chic Paint



I love saving old things and giving them new life. This cutie was picked up at a town nearby, I needed a display for my Country Chic Paint and an agreement was made 😉

Some of the surfaces were a laminate finish so instead of sanding I opted for a primer prep. I then applied 2 coats of CCP Simplicity on the outside and then Tropical Cocktail on the inside. If you’ll notice on the before picture there were mirrors on the hutch, I primed them as well and then 2 coats of Tropical Cocktail. Each coat requires at least a 24-hour rest and set up in between. I sealed everything with a water base polyurethane.  I’m fairly pleased with the results.

Feel free to stop by and check out the piece and pick up what items you need for your DIY piece. Thanks for looking.

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